World Hello Day – A Forgotten Holiday

Upon hearing the word “holiday”, many people tend to associate it with positive things: a vacation, mountains of food, quality time with friends and family, and all sorts of celebrations. However, not all holidays are accompanied by such shenanigans.

Days such as mother’s day, Valentine’s Day, and Saint Patrick’s Day get a lot of media coverage, but some secular holidays are being overlooked and deemed unimportant.

One of those days is the World Hello Day, which is a new addition to our calendar if you compare it to other holidays. This day may be disregarded by many people, but what it represents should never be forgotten.

About this Day

Celebrated on November 21st, World Hello Day conveys the message that conflicts should be resolved by communicating with the opposite party, instead of using excessive force.

The purpose of this day is to remind people that to uphold peace – you have to talk to each other and come to an agreement. Otherwise, we will never be able to stop the wars.

If you decide to take part in the days’ activities, you need to verbally greet at least 10 strangers, to show the world that you can communicate with others without having any common ground.

This day was founded back in 1973, which is not so long ago, after the war between Israel, Egypt and Syria. The founders are two brothers from the US. At first, they sent hundreds of letters to leaders from all around the world, asking them to take part in the first World Hello Day. Since then, this day became a permanent fixture in 180 countries all around the world.

What to Do?

If you support the days’ objective, all you need to do is approach at least 10 strangers on the street, and – not surprisingly – say Hello to them! The goal is to make contact with as many people as possible, preferably with someone who has different beliefs or customs.

To prepare for the days’ activities, you can learn how to say Hello in a few languages, and use your newly acquired knowledge to communicate with others. You can say Bonjour in French, Hola in Spanish, Ciao in Italian, Salaam in Farsi, or Zdras-Tvuy-Te in Russian. To learn how to greet people in other languages, you can find an online dictionary and have a go at it!

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