The most Famous Pigs

Have you ever noticed how popular piggies are in fiction? I hadn’t really thought of it until I did a little google for this blog post and I was remarkably surprised by how many famous pigs there are in the world. I could originally list less than five but as I started reading I realized I knew much more than I originally thought. So without any delay let me take you down memory lane and let’s see how many of these famous piglets you remember.


He may not be the conventional pink piggy you were thinking of but, there is no denying this brown hog is one of the most famous pigs in the world. Pumbaa was brought to life back in 1995 thanks to Walt Disney and the team who brought us The Lion King.



I don’t actually know the gender of Piglet all I know is he (I am guessing here) is best friend and confidant of the worlds most loved bear Winnie the Pooh. This small timid pink piggy taught many of us as children how to be brave and fearless.

Miss Piggy

A flamboyant over the top lady who is in love with Kermit the Frog. Miss Piggy was first introduced back in 1974 as one of the cast members in the Muppet Show. Miss Piggy was probably the first pig I ever saw in high heels and a feather boa.


Porky Pig

You might be giving your age away if you say out loud you remember Porky Pig. This blazer wearing Piggy was part of the Looney Tunes Cartoon series and he had a bit of a stutter. The character Porky Pig has actually been around since 1943 making him one of the oldest pigs on this list.



Well, who could forget Babe a pig that thought it was a sheep dog. Babe was the lead pig and character in the 1995 movie of, yip, you guessed it, Babe. This cute little piggy movie was filmed using multiple real pigs as the real pigs would grow too fast.

The 3 Little Pigs 

This wouldn’t be a very good list if it didn’t include The Three Little Pigs. These brothers have helped instill morals and value into young children around the world, teaching us to always help family and always spend a little bit more when it comes to good value.


Wilbur Pig

One of the lead characters from E.B White’s Charlotte’s Web published way back in 1952. A young Pig (Wilbur) befriends a barn spider named Charlotte who goes out of her way to rescue Wilbur
when she realizes he is in danger.


Spider Pig

Made famous by The Simpsons and named after the superhero spider man. There is not much more I can say about this pig except for watch the clip below and prepare to have that song stuck in your head for the rest of the day!

Peppa Pig

One of the youngest pigs on the list and probably only Millennials will know who she is. Created in 2004 she is the main character of the show Peppa Pig where viewers get to watch her adventures with her family. This is a children’s television show but the brand has been extended to toys, food and anything else they can add the Peppa face too.


Priscilla and Poppleton 

And what would a modern day list be without a social media star? So making the list with over 674,000 followers, we have Prissy and Pop two piggies that are in ‘first grade’ and dress up. These piglets are so popular they even have their own line of plush toys. You can check them out on Instagram at

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Famous Pigs at Royal Vegas Casino

We have our own fair share of piggies here at Royal Vegas Casino, off the top of my head these are the pigs I can think of who make an appearance across the reels of our games. Can you think of any others?

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Oink Country Love

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