Adventure under the sea with Royal Vegas

under the sea with Royal Vegas Casino

Although summertime is past and gone, there is no reason why you can’t keep enjoying all the hottest season of the year can offer you.

If you are a big fan of online gambling and you want to incorporate the summer theme into your favourite pastime activity, you can visit Royal Vegas casino and delve into the adventure with enthusiasm.

Dive into the experience with different slot games such as Mermaid Millions, Fish Party, and Ariana online slot game in a blink of an eye!

About the Games

If you are into online slot games and you want to have fun with the best marine-themed casino games, you should find out exactly what each of them can offer you before you place your own money on the line.

  • Ariana online slot game – one of the most popular slot games you can find, it can award you with up to 60,000 coins on a good session! This game grants you access to the mysterious underwater realm, where you can look for hidden treasures to take back home with you. The best part about the game is the ‘expanding symbols’ feature, which can help you win more cash prizes every single time.

Ariana online slot game

  • Fish Party slot game– with beautiful graphics that can take you on a wild underwater adventure, this game can award you with a generous prize that goes up to 1,940,000 coins. Fish Party presents you with 243 different ways to create winning combinations, in addition to a special bonus feature that can give your wins a decent boost every time you play!

Fish Party online slot game

  • Mermaid Millions slot game – maybe one of the most classic slot machines you can find online, this casino game can send you on a wild ride through the complex sea world. With 15 lines that can award you with lucrative cash prizes, alongside a bonus feature that includes 10 free spins, this game is exactly what you need to unwind while staying indoors.

Mermaid Millions online slot game

These three slot games can provide you with the perfect chance to have fun with summer-themed games while the weather is still rainy, but the fun doesn’t end there. Later this year another marine casino game is going to be released, inspired by the classic Moby Dick book – something to look forward to!

All in All…

Royal Vegas is the perfect gambling venue where you can find a wide selection of ocean-related slot games for you to enjoy, so if you are ready to set out on an unforgettable adventure – this is the perfect place for you.

The new Moby Dick slot game will be launching at the casino, sign up now so you can be one of the first to play this new casino game.

Moby Dick Online Slot