Phantom of the Opera – Book, Play, Movie, and Now Casino Game!

We’ve all heard about the Phantom of the Opera – how could you not? Since being published in 1909, the novel was adapted into various movies, plays, and now even casino games that you can have fun with.

For those of you who forget what the plot is all about, the Phantom of the Opera book depicts the story of a young opera singer, Christine, who is being tutored by a disfigured composer, who she believes is the Angel of Music. Later on, Christine is abducted by the Phantom, and so is her suitor. The plot only gets more complicated from there, but don’t worry – we won’t subject you to any more spoilers!

The book was a huge success, and practically everyone has been exposed to it one way or another. If you are a big fan of the book or any of its adaptations, you would be happy to hear that you will have another chance to get lost in the tunnels beneath the Paris Opera House since there is a new casino game in town!

What to Expect

Since the Phantom of the Opera game hasn’t been released yet, you can only imagine what features from the book or the plays will appear in the slot game, which should tide you over till the game comes out.

A long time ago Phantom of the Opera was made into a musical, and it actually became one of the longest-running musicals in the UK. The musical was first performed on stage 31 years ago, and you can still watch it at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London. Will the new game be more influenced by the book or the play? Only time will tell.

The musicals’ original cast recording entered the British charts as a number one record – do you think we’ll be able to hear the same track as the games’ background music?

Another fun fact about the musical is that there are no less than 150 trap doors used in the production at the Majestic Theatre, and we can only hope that the game will also feature as many secret passages to lead you to the exhilarating bonus rounds!

At the End of the Day…

The Phantom of the Opera theme is extremely popular all around the world, and it is about time we present you with a slot version of this amazing storyline! So before the game comes out, watch the movie or reread the book, and you will be able to enjoy it even more!