Penguin Awareness Day – What it’s all about

Penguins are harmless, adorable creatures that, unfortunately, you can rarely witness in their natural habitat. Penguins can be found mostly in the southern hemisphere, with only one species out of 17 that lives outside this region.

Although penguins are often associated with Antarctica, only two penguin species live there. The others can be found in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and more. Unfortunately, penguins which live in the colder parts of our planets are in danger of extinction, due to global warming. Only a few months back, in October 2017, a disaster occurred when approximately 40,000 chicks died of starvation since their caretakers couldn’t get to any source of food in time.


Experts say that it happened because of an irregular amount of summer sea ice that blocked the way to the ocean and the Penguins’ usual source of food. This is not the first time such a catastrophe hit the colony in recent years, which is quite alarming.

To raise awareness of the situation, two times a year we celebrate anything penguin-related. In April we have the World Penguin Day, and in January there’s the Penguin Awareness Day. If you want to support the cause, celebrate this day with your friends and family this time around!

Penguin Splash

Celebrating the Penguin Awareness Day

It is unclear why we celebrate this day on January 20th. Maybe it’s the cold weather that rules the globe at this time of year that inspired the event, or maybe it is related to the penguins’ cycle of life in one way or another.

Even if the reasoning behind the date is unclear, this day is all about the flightless birds, and you can celebrate it in various ways. Dress up in classic black-and-white attire, watch penguin documentaries (there is nothing cuter than that!), and learn a bit more about those beautiful creatures. Also, if you feel inspired by what you learn, you can even donate some money to ensure penguins will be able to stay in their natural habitat.

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