The History of Halloween


Halloween is one of the most popular holidays around the world, mainly because it is ruled by fun and exciting elements that suit both adults and children alike. This holiday is not a religious one, at least it stopped being one a long time ago, and it encourages people to celebrate this day with their community, and not only within the family – as other holidays suggest.

Many people love this holiday because it brings the inner child out of them, and mischief is less frowned upon during this time of year. However, only a handful of people know about the origins of this holiday, and let me tell you this – Halloween has one of the most intriguing, mystical backgrounds you can ever encounter.

So before you pull your costume out of the closet, learn a bit about this fascinating time of year, and everything you do this month will get a whole new meaning.

All Hallows’ Eve? All Saints Eve?

Celebrated on October 31st, Halloween marks the changing of seasons: from summer to winter, from life to death. Although the holiday is often associated with the American culture, it actually originated all the way in Europe – Ireland, and England in particular.

HalloweenThe Celtic new-year was celebrated on November 1st, and the evening beforehand was full of mystical vibes. It was believed that on this night the line between the world of the living and the dead gets blurred, and ghosts roam the earth. To confuse the dead spirits so they won’t recognize them, people dressed up and wore costumes.

However, the next day the Celtic culture celebrated all the saints and martyrs, which was a complete opposite to the day before.

Some of the most popular Halloween traditions were born hundreds of years ago, including the trick-or-treating ritual, although it was much less festive at the time. Nowadays, kids go from door to door to collect candies, while in the past this custom was meant for poor folks who begged for food or money. Did you know that a quarter of the candies manufactured in the US are purchased during this holiday season alone? What a difference an era makes.

Another interesting thing about this day is its meaning to single ladies. It was believed that if you perform certain rituals during this day, you might find out what your future husband is like, which is why this night is also called Cabbage Night (yes, they used Cabbage for this ritual).

Are you Intrigued Yet?

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