Deco Diamonds – A New Game for a New Year

All the New Year celebrations have ended, we’ve already settled into a new routine, and now it’s time to start another cycle of new casino games that will turn every month into an unforgettable adventure.

To start your year off on the right foot, Royal Vegas presents you with a new game you are bound to fall in love with – Deco Diamonds online slot game. This old-school casino game brings back long-lost memories of flashy machines and upbeat music, adding a modern twist that makes the game even more exhilarating.

Make sure you are familiar will all the things this game can offer before you start playing, and use this knowledge to boost your chances of winning cash prizes while you gamble!

Deco Diamonds

Games’ Features

Deco Diamonds is a classic 5-reel slot game, with 9 available lines that can activate winning combinations on any of the three rows. This casino game is a replica of the well-known slot machines we all grew to love in the past, but with a modern twist that makes this game all the more entertaining.

The symbols you will encounter on the reels are familiar ones – cherries, lemons, and various fruit symbols appear alongside a metal bell, the number 7, and of course – the logo of the game itself. Even though it sounds just like any other slot machine in the universe, the creators of the game took things up a notch with the help of enchanting graphics and energizing background music. This slot game can send you on an exciting walk down memory lane in no time at all.

Deco Diamonds

This game has two main features that can turn any gambling session into a successful endeavour. The re-spin feature will lock the wild symbols into place while the rest of the reels will spin, till you get an additional winning combination. If you get at least three Deco Diamonds symbols on the reels, you can trigger a bonus round that includes 3 spinning bonus wheels that can award you with up to x1,000 in multiplier bonuses!

All in All…

Modern casino games can be fun and unpredictable, but sometimes a classic, familiar slot game is what you need.  And what better way is there to celebrate the new calendar year than go back to gambling origins? Deco Diamonds is a fantastic casino game that combines the old with the new, and the result couldn’t have been more exciting!